Monday, 5 August 2013

Space Academy Day 1

Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments. I am sorry, but today I never got round to taking any photos- we were just too busy! We were quite mystified on our arrival at church at 8.30am, to discover somebody had put two padlocks and a large chain round the gates of the church car park. They aren’t there now – Bob went home immediately and fetched the necessary tools to cut them off!


Quite why anybody would want to stop the children’s club from happening is beyond me – but it seems an unnecessarily mischievous act.

Despite the slight delay [not every Pastor has to cut his way into the church!] we were very soon back on track and started on time. The session went incredibly well – and I came home to discover the green alien jelly in the fridge has set properly [that is starring in tomorrow’s drama]


Thankyou staff team, you were wonderful as ever!


  1. What a shame that smeone wanted to disrupt your club. In some sense it's like the burning of books. You can lock a church, but God's people will open it up. You can make life difficult, and they will rise to the challenge. You can burn a book, but you won't stop people reading.

    Good luck with the holiday club...

  2. That seems a nasty thing to do....unless maybe it was a anti-fracking device?? Well, that's all I can think of.
    I'm sure it will go on well now.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading more about the role of the jelly! I'm glad today went well. Jx

  4. Would you believe that I am reading this with Jo singing Angela's song in my ear. Sellotape and string to the King. Would that your pranksters had done the same!

  5. Slightly apprehensive about that green jelly.....


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