Monday, 12 August 2013

Over And Out

Holiday Club is definitely done-and-dusted. Final service yesterday was brilliant- with lots of display stuff transferred up into the chapel for the congregation to appreciate.

hol club 2013

Bob came out of the vestry wearing That Wig, which definitely provoked a reaction- but a few minutes later he removed it, whereupon a very young child triumphantly called out “Told You!” to her Mum. It was good to have so many visitors. After lunch I packed my little car and drove to Cornerstones. All ready for my holiday.


Arrived here at 6.30pm, and unpacked. Christine came round for the evening, and we nattered for ages. Then Bob arrived [on his motorbike] just after 10. He couldn’t leave till he had done the evening service. At 11pm we stood outside and watched the Perseids for a bit. Then bed, exhausted. I got up for the loo at 3.20am - so nipped outside but it was cloudier and not much to see.

Today we have done all sorts of things – many of which will be blogged about later! Don’t you just love the passport? It’s a reward scheme from here. I am not sure if we will use it or not though…

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