Friday, 16 August 2013

Never Out Of Condition

IMG_0426 I ordered a delivery of Sainsbury’s Groceries for last Monday – it means I don’t have to begin my holiday in the Supermarket! However I needed hair conditioner both here and in Kirby, and there was a BOGOF. So two bottles arrived. And they are huge! Whilst this represents excellent value for money, the pump-dispenser is rather large, in fact it is far too fat to fit in the shower caddy.

What to do? inspiration struck as I was preparing salad for lunch. I had brought with me a bottle of mayo which was already ¾ empty, and yesterday we finished it. It was a 20p one from Approved Foods. Washed out, the bottle is an excellent container with a squeezy top which dispenses the conditioner very easily and without mess.Hellmanns_Mayonnaise_With_a_Pinch_Of_Mustard IMG_0427

Of course, I have labelled it with a Sharpie. I should hate anyone to squeeze this on their salad. On the other hand, some frugal websites suggest mayo can be used as a hair conditioner.[At 20p a bottle from AF it wouldn’t be too expensive either. But not with mustard!]


  1. Great idea and you'll never believe it but my Mother swears by mayo on her hair!I've never tried it myself!

  2. I'm always worried I won't be able to get rid of the smell.


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