Monday 1 March 2010

More Mondegreens**

The Winter Olympics are over then. I confess I didn't spend a lot of time watching. The trouble is, I glanced at the headline, and did not read the full articles, then had confused images in my head all day

Take these three examples from the past few days...

GB men’s curlers out after defeat



USA sweep aside Swedes



Canada looks to cement lead





I don't think I will ever understand sportswriters!

[**I suppose these don't count as true Mondegreens, because they are things I have read and interpreted incorrectly. If you want a definition of Mondegreens,click here]


  1. These are great, I love the way you always think of things differently to how they were meant. This reminded me of being at Primary school and singing with gusto 'I am the Lord of the dance settee'. I must have wondered why the Lord was dancing on the settee but we were never given the words to read, we learnt them by rote.

  2. Thank you for this fascinating word play. How about "My God is so big and strong in his nighty!" which my children used to sing.

  3. I think hymns are the worst for these misunderstandings, because we did yused to learn them by rote.
    I used to be concerned about the "Sun, moon, and stars in their corsets above" and that firm of undertakers "Earnest, Tones and Grave"
    Hadn't heard your two suggestions before. I wil struggle not to giggle next time we sing them at church now. Must remember to warn Bob!!!


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