Wednesday 15 December 2010

Behind You!

The Saltmine Theatre Company has arrived at KMFC


They spent the evening setting up the stage and getting everything ready for tomorrow’s two performances of “The Three Musketeers”


As in previous years, Bob went down to check if any assistance was needed with PA & Lighting, and I offered help with costume repairs. John [pictured centre] said “You are the woman who can darn! I had forgotten about you!” – and I brought Lady De Winter’s gown home to fix some damage [Mim has to make about five costume changes, so it gets a lot of wear and tear, mostly tears!] It is hard for a travelling theatre group like this to keep everything pristine when they are constantly packing and unpacking and moving around. I am glad to be able to help.

“D’Artagnan arrives in Paris with one aim- to become the first female musketeer. But the musketeers have been disbanded- or have they? Rochefort wants to build an army and is stealing the King’s jewels to raise the money. He sets a trap to catch the musketeers. Will he catch them? Or will they catch him? Will D’Artagnan be successful in her quest to join the musketeers? Join us for a thrilling tale of courage, conviction and dazzling swordsmanship!”


This evening I enjoyed watching another episode of Edwardian Farm, which I have blogged about before. I am conscious that their days were so long – up early, bed late, and so much hard physical labour [for the women as well as the men] but I am not sure about the clockwork Edwardian Teasmade on tonight’s programme!

edwardian teasmade

We used to have one like this…

russell hobbs teasmade

The Russell Hobbs Chelsea Teamaker was a very compact item. In the metal kettle was a little floating tray into which you put your teabags [at night, when you set the alarm]. In the morning, as the water boiled, it bubbled and splashed into the tray, thus sinking it. When the tray hit the bottom, the tea was brewed, the alarm went off, and Bob’s your uncle [or husband, in my case]

All very clever – except we struggled to find a way to keep the milk fresh overnight [eventually we used a small child’s insulated flask – emblazoned with pictures of Tom and Jerry] And as the water boiled, the tray used to rattle alarmingly – so we were woken before the tea was ready!

Nowadays we have realised that if we had a teamaker actually in the bedroom, there is a serious risk of us not getting up in the mornings. We’d just drink the tea and fall back to sleep again!

I came across this poem – first printed, I believe, in Good Housekeeping Magazine, 1941


When we first loved you brought me roses

Crimson on each slender stem

Chocolates, books, and then, dear lover

A circlet set with sparkling gem

The years have passed, and still you love me

Though no longer roses red

Are the proof of your affection.

But – my morning tea in bed!


Our panto is going to be better than the Ambridge one.

Oh yes it is…


  1. I hope the pantomine goes well today, I hear Mum was feeding them all last night. I'm off to Nepal for a month so won't be reading your blog but will have to catch up when I get back! Have a great Christmas and give my love to Bob.

  2. Bon Voyage, Elizabeth - look forward to hearing about Nepal. Have a great Christmas [the cast enjoyed your Mum's meal - but then who wouldn't??]


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