Thursday 9 December 2010

Still More Stars, Snowflakes And Teardrops!

Spent time today with four keen Year 6 pupils - measuring, calculating, dividing, multiplying, and considering quadrilaterals and triangles. Also we were thinking about writing Instruction Texts and giving clear verbal and written explanations. And we ended up with…


..and an equal number of models which they took home with them. What was extra-satisfying was when I discovered that two of the girls had spent part of their lunch hour successfully demonstrating the method to one of the Teaching Assistants.

Here’s another brief tutorial – there are lots on YouTube

I realised that I have made dozens of these now, and taught at least twenty other people to make them – but do not have any hanging around decorating my own home!

We are slowly moving towards having the house decorated for the season – very slowly, as we are both busy with other stuff. I have decided that maybe we should be like Kirstie and Phil and do it in July!

phil and kirstie xmas

Their ‘Perfect Christmas’ is so unreal! Maybe you do want a ‘wow!’ factor with children’s party food – but putting edible gold glitter on cakes which they will scoff without noticing is a complete waste of money.

And how many more items will Kirstie tell us she has ‘made’ – when we see her begin the project and then hand it over to the expert to complete?

And my ‘perfect Christmas’ includes having my family around. We saw her sister in one programme – but what about her children? Mind you, I think that maybe Bay Atlas and Oscar Hercules [aged 4 and 2 respectively] are perhaps too young to be subjected to all that sugarpaste and jelly. And Phil’s wife was mentioned briefly [he made a scarf for her] but we have yet to see her on screen.

The programme is ideal if you have unlimited time and unlimited income. All the reviews I have read are agreed on this point!

littlebourne sign


The high spot for us was watching the Kentish children from Littlebourne Primary School [Bob’s Alma Mater!] testing various video cameras. They were rolling around on the grass in bright sunshine, in short sleeved shirts, so it was clearly filmed in the summer.

Bob has gone out skittling with the Men’s Group, and I am going to potter about hanging a few more decorations.


  1. LOL - We scoffed all through one programme - doubt I shall bother with any more! I was in silly "Laugh at anything mood". They spent £25 which they said was a bargain ?? for a hop swag to make into a festive swag. Which world do they live in? Not mine!

  2. I'm very disappointed in K and Ph. I wish they hadnt made this programme together. Their expertise is in finding houses. This is just a bit too cosy...and I cant help wondering what thier respective spouses feel.


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