Sunday 12 December 2010

A Pause in Advent #3

Pause in Advent Logo from Floss

This week we are thinking about Joy. I do feel joyful at the minute –there are lots of bright and positive things happening around me. Some sadness too, with a fair amount of sickness and bereavement in our church fellowship – but nevertheless there is so much to be joyful about.

And my To-Do List has definitely been a To-Be-Interrupted List over the past 48 hours. Lots of things I hoped to achieve as yet remain undone. Sometimes it is hard to prioritise properly. Sometimes it is hard to recognise what is a genuine interruption and what is a minor hiccup.

I wanted to spend more time preparing this blogpost – but other things need sorting out first.

I still do not have all the decorations fully organised as I would like them. But I have put this one on display…


My Grandmother always said that the best way to prioritise things was to put them in this order




…and that is definitely a recipe for Joy.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post.

    JOY is definitely the theme for today.

  2. Happy Sunday Angela . It was my mums funeral Tuesday just passed . I,d like to thank you once again for the lovely flowers and would you believe , they are still doing well on my kitchen table . There is a stem of phlox among them and it still smells divine--cottonreel

  3. I really love that decoration and do need more like that myself. I think it is important that we all learn to prioritise things, which can be so hard this time of the year. How is Bob getting on with the electrics?

  4. The JOY decoration came from John Lewis last year.
    Jen - you will be glad to know that all the soldering is done - everything is working fine, apart from Bob. All that kneeling has brought on a severe case of 'Clergy Knee' which would be funny if it were not so painful.


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