Tuesday 14 December 2010


Off to The Greyhound at Botcheston

greyhound botcheston

Where twenty of us from the Ladies’ Fellowship [plus a few spouses] enjoyed our annual Christmas Lunch together. Pulled my first cracker of the season and shared the awful joke inside [What did the sea say to the sand? Nothing, it just waved!]


The food was good, and we all agreed that there was a plentiful supply of vegetables, which were properly cooked!


It was great having a room to ourselves – and the atmosphere was one of laughter and true Christmas joy. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the meal was declared to have been a success.

I do like Christmas Crackers! I know they are childish and most have naff contents – but they are fun.

There are some lovely stories relating to Tom Smith [who developed the cracker] and his company

‘Tom Smith’ fulfilled special orders for both companies and individuals. Records show an order for a six foot cracker to decorate Euston Station in London, and in 1927 a gentleman wrote to the Company enclosing a diamond engagement ring and 10 shilling note as payment for the ring to be put in a special cracker for his fiancée. Unfortunately he did not enclose an address and never contacted the Company again; the ring, letter and 10 shilling note are still in the safe today.


When Tom died he left the business to his three sons, Tom Henry and Walter. A few years later, a drinking fountain was erected in Finsbury Square by Walter Smith in memory of his mother, Mary, and to commemorate the life of the man who invented the great British Cracker

‘Tom Smith’ still proudly holds the honour of producing special crackers each year for the Royal Household although designs and contents are a closely guarded secret.

Do you think the Queen wears a paper crown whilst eating Christmas Lunch? And will Prince William give Kate a plastic ring?


  1. I love those little ol' English pubs - so quaint - wonderful that the meal was such a success - I'd never heard that story about the cracker's origin. Thanks for that. I'm like you - Christmas dinner wouldn't be the same without them - I think of the puny crepe paper models of my childhood compared to the amazingly decorated ones of today but no matter how they look, they do the same thing and have the same corny jokes! Blessings!

  2. It looks like a very fun afternoon!


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