Saturday 4 December 2010

Get In The Picture – Friday Highlights

Remind me Bob, why are we doing this?

[If he is a Wise Man, then I am the BVM!]

king and mary!

The Playgroup staff make a wonderful tableau

playgroup staff

I’m sorry, Rev, I am going to have to arrest this sheep


A cold angel recharging her Glory Cells


Three Wise Men [aka the local clergy]

3 wise men

Not shepherds, just council road menders

lcc workmen

The staff from our village pharmacy

the pharmacy staff

Thank you again to Chris Duffett for coming up with this idea. More info here on the GITP website.

Jan has just sent me this [unofficial] picture of Bob and me eating lunch. I can recommend the Royal Oak’s lunchtime menu!! I was so cold by midday. Will wear even more clothes next time [I have two sets of motorbike thermals on underneath the robes!]

jans pic of our lunch


  1. What an awesome way to get the community involved in Christmas xx how lovely xx

  2. What a wonderful effort you all put into this and you must be so pleased with the results. It is such a shame the snow came so unexpectedly, but what a wonderful way of encouraging everyone into the true Christmas spirit.


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