Wednesday 1 December 2010

Joyeux Noël

My first Christmas present arrived yesterday – all the way from France– along with permission to open it straightaway ‘as you might need it before’. Before what? I wondered – and then discovered what…


I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am by this gift. I adore Marie Claire Ideés – and this beautiful diary/appointments book is quite fabulous. The photography is stunning, the crafts and recipes look wonderful… I didn’t even know that MCI produced an ‘agenda’ like this. A whole year’s worth of delights, from a dear friend.

The French theme continued today at school. Over lunch, whilst discussing the extra costumes needed for the little ones’ Nativity Play [ten blue waistcoats] another colleague said “Ah! I had forgotten about you!”

DSCF0001 Angela [not me, another one] teaches French at school. Like Barnaby Bear, who assists with English literacy, the French classes have two teddies, Annick and Albert.

Angela wondered if I could make some ‘Christmassy outfits’ for their photograph.

I put Annick in my bag [Albert is the same size, but has a blue sweatshirt] and brought her home

I rooted around and found an old red shirt, and some fur fabric.



Sewing Club was cancelled due to snow.

Bob was soldering on bravely at the church [connecting plugs on the PA – that ‘soldering’ isn’t a misprint!] so I just sewed all evening.

Ten waistcoats done and dusted, and two French outfits…




I was especially pleased that my embroidery machine offers the option of ö for Nöel! Here’s Albert's set


Bob has finally come home, so we will have a cuppa and watch the Nigel Slater recorded earlier. Then a well earned rest, I think.

Bonne Nuit!


  1. Angela, you are fantastic and never fail to amaze me with your craftyness. I bet Bob is getting sore with all that work. Take care and be well my friend. We are still snowed in!

  2. Do you speak/read french? The magazine looks lovely! As do all of your sewing projects.

    No snow here yet, but it's going below freezing tonight. Brrr!


  3. So glad you opened it you can start noting all your 2011 engagements!

  4. Nice little outfits - you're so clever!

  5. The bears look sooooo cute in their new outfits. Everyone really loves them and we are looking forward to seeing the photos that the other Angela is going to take for her carte de noel.

  6. Merci beaucoup!! I am glad that the bears have proved popular at school, Chris - and look forward to seeing the photos!


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