Tuesday 21 December 2010


I have put the sewing machines away for a few days. I am not planning to stitch anything else this side of Christmas [nativity costumes, Christmas gifts, decorations or anything else"!]

Steph has just been to Oslo for a mini-break, and sent me this great picture by Christian Krohg, a Norwegian artist [1852-1925]. It is simply called ‘Tired’ and shows a woman asleep by her machine – Steph said she saw it and thought of me!

sleeping needlewomanC_Krohg-Trett

I am posting it for all of you blogfriends who have been beavering away with needles [hand/machine/knitting] to produce gifts and goodies for friends and family.

I hope you have completed all your projects. Now take a rest!


  1. I am just about to finish off my current project and this painting certainly struck a chord with me. Thank you for sharing it and it makes me feel that I am not alone! Jan

  2. I wish I could stop, but at this rate I will still be sewing on Christmas morn!


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