Monday 13 December 2010

Having A Smashing Time!

Monday – and Bob had nobly volunteered to spend part of his Day Off coming to the supermarket with me, to do the Non-Perishables Xmas Shop. As he has been suffering with Clergy Knee quite badly over the weekend [all that time on the Church platform, soldering] I thought I’d be extra loving and take him breakfast in bed. So far so good…

Then he got up, dressed, and carried the tray downstairs – and halfway down his knee gave way under him and he fell the rest of the way. Fortunately, he did not break any bones.

However the breakfast tray went flying…


Casualties – two plates, one Christmas mug, and the teapot lid! I decided that we have other plates and mugs [and maybe I’ll get a new Christmas mug in my stocking] but we need to have a fully functioning teapot. Fortunately on our shopping trip, we were able to pick up another at Makro Cash’n’Carry


I am very fussy about pots – I like the Kensington & Price Rockingham Brown 6-cup pot. It pours beautifully and is comfortable to hold. And it is relatively inexpensive. I’ll keep the lidless pot as a spare. [Bought 2 years ago after I smashed our last one]

I need to shampoo the carpet at the bottom of the stairs now.

kim woodburn I did a lot of mopping up before we went out, and put a towel over the damp patch and did Kim Woodburn’s ‘Dance Of Joy’ to absorb the moisture.

But even though there was not much tea left in the pot when we finished breakfast, somehow there seemed to be quite a lot when it all came out on the staircase. I remembered a favourite Ogden Nash Poem

Either Old Magic or New Math

Into our house has beat a path

How else could Einstein or Diogenes

Explain an exploit of our progeny’s?

While at the table with his ilk

A child upsets a glass of milk

The glass held half a pint when filled

And half a gallon when it spilled

At least we managed to get all the shopping done, and Bob has a chance to rest his leg a little before we go off to sing Carols round the Care Homes.


  1. My breakable of choice was always the glass carafe in the coffee maker.We bought a stainless steel one!
    Jane x

  2. Oh poor Bob, tell him to take care.

  3. So sorry to hear about the accident. Hope Bob will be able to get the needed rest for his knee and probably the rest of his aching body ~ God's blessing HE wasn't broken!
    Nice new teapot out of it all!
    Take care,

  4. That work at church was really dangerous. John dragged himself home after being in one position for two hours joining cables. He was unable to lift his legs nor bend down to take off his shoes. He threw himself into a chair and then couldn't get out. One of Janet's wheat bags helped and then I managed to get him to bed. Fortunately the next day he was a little better and has now made a full recovery - I think!


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