Sunday 12 December 2010

Not Your Usual Monarch Of The Glen!

Sunday nights, I usually collapse exhausted in front of sweet, non-challenging mindless TV – like Archie and co in Glenbogle.


A tale of Scotland, family loyalties, incoming English, disputes over territory…

Tonight we indulged in a similar plotline [!], but rather more cultural programme – Macbeth on BBC4. I have to say I thought it was an excellent production. A very clever setting, lighting and effects were great – acting really good.

The voiceover on this trailer is a little off putting – but Patrick Stewart was superb!

If you like Shakespeare, but missed this one, do check it out on i-player!

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  1. My husband and I are Glenbogle fans! We have all the DVD's, and have watched them more than twice. :-)Wish they would continue it, but I do miss Hector. :-)
    Haven't seen this version of Macbeth. I'll check it out.


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