Friday 3 December 2010

Freeze Frame Photography!

We left home at 8.25am and went to the pub car park. It was FREEZING [actually, probably below freezing]

We set up the gazebos and costumes etc, all ready for the punters.DSCF0001

Fortunately a good number of helpers came to assist [I am too short to help with gazebo erection!]


Yes the car park was incredibly slippery. Yes I did fall over – hard – but apart from a bruised hand, and general aches, seem to be OK now.

The figures I bought at the Christian Resources Exhibition back in May suddenly found a purpose in life…


Paul, Bob and others dressed up and went out to attract customers


Bob wore various outfits throughout the day – I’m not altogether sure why he is sporting his regular hat here! Paul was a very Wise Man – he had a flask of hot coffee with him!

All the ‘official’ pictures were on other cameras [mine had flat batteries and I had no spare with me] so I cannot show any of them yet. I just got one shot of Gwen being Mary


We had over twenty groups of people come in throughout the day – and others dropped by to say they were returning tomorrow with family members. Despite my utter panic at 7am [this was a mad idea, Bob, why did I suggest it? I don’t want to do this after all!] I think we have had a lovely day and I am so pleased with the results.

Tomorrow should be just as good if not better.

Now tea and a hot bath, I think.


  1. This ia a great idea!
    I'm sure tea and a hot bath will help your aches. :-)

  2. Absolutely super idea, Angela (of course!)

  3. Billiant - hope the bruises and aches are healing :)
    God bless,

  4. It looks very cold! But that will make people feel Christmas-y and want to be in the picture. Have fun!



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