Monday 20 December 2010

A Good Supply Of Santas

Unexpectedly had a day of Supply work today – and needed to produce some ‘Christmassy activities’. So out came the pack of cotton wool and the red napkins from the Poundshop.

I don’t think these 6 year olds did badly…



Inevitably some were neater than others – and the positioning of the holly leaves and the moustaches varied greatly!

I also took in my stash of old CDs and we made ‘stained glass window roundels’

These are so easy to do.

1 - Colour the angel

2 - Put a loop of hanging thread thru hole

3 - Stick the angel on the printed side, to hold the string in vertical position.

As the roundel spins, it will catch the light and looks really effective.



You do have to remember to keep saving the CDs all year, though, to ensure you have a class-load by Christmas.

But we get lots of promotional ones, and free ones in newspapers.

Start saving now, and you can be all prepared for December 2011!

Here’s the template [website]



  1. Oh this is fabulous- I may not have a classload but I'm very sure I have enough for two small boys who come in frozen from the snow! And no, sadly, would you believe there wasn't one single anything happening when we arrived at Beaubourg! Not even trousers waiting for Godot! By the time we had warmed up in a cafe there was one group of girls and then one artist- first time I'd ever seen the piazza deserted!


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