Tuesday 14 December 2010

On The Best Dressed List…

Back in March, I won this blog giveaway from ‘Red Gingham’


Some ‘jam jar skirts’ made by Sarah in New Zealand. I put them on my jars – but then when the jams and marmalades were finished, I put the skirts away. It occurred to me that they would look exceedingly festive on my Cranberry Mincemeat.


I have yet to decide exactly how I am going to use it. Current ideas

  • regular mincepies – maybe with star shaped tops
  • small filo pastry parcels or crackers
  • tiny tartlets using my Lakeland Mini-Morsels Pan

mini morsels set

What I am not doing is splashing out on Waitrose’s ‘brick pastry’ [feuilles de brick] as per Delia’s suggestions of Christmas 2008.

And have I missed it? What is the “Christmas Must-Have” recipe ingredient this year? I am not conscious of anybody promoting anything particular. [Apart from Kirstie’s oysters at a quid a mouthful!]

Perhaps people are recession conscious and not risking their hard earned pennies on new fangled foods?


  1. isn't it all about heston's christmas pudding this year?!

  2. LLB was yesterday going on and on about edible gold leaf and gold dust being this year's foodie - sprinking it on yer turkey dinner - my mother would have a dizzy fit!

  3. Hi Angela, Cranberry mincemeat is a new one on me but, it looks delicious and the skirts are so pretty, I love Lakeland and mooch about in there for ages they have such good ideas.Don't some of these so called personalities get on your nerves they live in another world.
    Love Jillx

  4. I missed the LLB and edible gold, Lynn - but somebody else today said "It's Heston's Pudding" [so yet again, Steph has her finger on the pulse of consumer trends] Jill is right - these 'personalities' live in another world.


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