Saturday 4 December 2010

Get In The Picture –Saturday Highlights

Today was warmer – and wetter! There were not as many people out in the village – and surprisingly few children. But we still had a reasonable number of customers. Some pregnant Marys, some real live babies to be Jesus, two dogs…

We were due to start the pictures at 10 – but at 9.45, Will Johnston, the photographer for Leicester Mercury turned up. There were only four of us on site at that point. So we hurriedly dressed as the magi plus Mary and he took some shots for the paper. Then Peter took this one


Here is Nell the Irish waterhound being an angel

nell the angel dog

Mel and Shane called in yesterday and decided to get a crowd of mates along today.


They are expecting their first baby soon, so this was a great shot


Mel’s great aunt Joy [on the right] posed with good friend Margaret


The girls from Kool 4 Kuts, the village hairdressers came along [check out those amazing bright pink fingernails!]


And the staff of the Royal Oak, who had kindly allowed us to use their car park for the whole venture, popped out of the back door during a lull in trade, for a quick photo session.

royal oak staff


Lesley worked very hard yesterday, and today had a family birthday party[her FIL was 90]

She brought the family down at 3pm for a group picture.

But despite recharging her glory cells on Friday, this angel was rather exhausted today I think!

Bob’s picture catches her beautifully in mid-yawn!

Tom the Rector had his family In The Picture too


The Village Pharmacy is already sporting their picture on the shop door, with the message “Merry Christmas To All Our Customers”

We were intending to pack up an hour early because the weather was so wet – but we had a sudden rush of people. But a good crowd of people were there to help dismantle the gazebo and load the cars – and we packed up quite quickly around 3.45pm.

One or two people came and looked, but would not be photographed. One couple drove down the hill and saw the signs “Get In The Picture” and thought it was an art show. Having just decorated their lounge, they said they were ‘looking for a nice picture to buy’. They didn’t think my suggestion of posing for a free one, in costume together, was quite what they had in mind!

I am really glad we did it. It was incredibly tiring, but the atmosphere was lovely. It was good to be able to make positive contact with members of the community, and I hope that some of them will come along to the Carol Services. We have been able to post around 100 pictures on the GITP site.

Special thanks to Sue who was there all day, both days, from set-up to clear-up, and to everyone else involved. Also to Peter who did the morning photography stint gave Bob time for other tasks.

Now to get ready for Sunday…


  1. May God bless you both richly for the love, fun and faith you bring to your community.

  2. Such happy pictures Angela --cottonreel

  3. More awesome pictures!!! thanks angela - I'm loving the news of your community coming together to do this!

  4. Great to see so many people in the photos, glad it went well.


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