Tuesday 18 March 2014

All Roads Lead To…

On my walk to the village Post Office I pass many signs of spring, the flowers are blossoming - not only in gardens, but in unexpected places under hedges and along the paths




Even in the hedge at the Manse, a surprisingly tall, solitary white snowdrop blooms in contrast to the glossy black berries.

The tree on the corner is covered in blossom



Here’s the tub near the chapel – and this tin bath of daffs, and the bucket of hyacinths look like they are posing to be photographed for ‘Country Living’ magazine, I think!


But who is this lurking among the miniature daffs, with his little toadstool ? PomPom, do you know anything about these chaps?


A whole colony, cavorting happily under the bushes in Mr M’s garden.


It seems that in our village, we can say with confidence

All roads lead to Gnome!!


  1. Ha! I love the gnomes! I see some dwarves, too! My sister finds unique gnomes and mails them to me. Funny! Oh, your spring weather is so nice. Bill said that when he was in Surrey, the weather was perfect. We won't have blooms for a while, but my neighbor brought me some forsythia sticks that she promised would bloom inside.

  2. All was going swimmingly...I admired the flowers...the blossoms..the Country Living shot,then I hit the end. GROAN!
    Jane x


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