Monday, 24 March 2014

What Shall I Do With My Other Half?

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Not, not Bob – the other half of the tablecloth I used a couple of weeks ago to recover my ironing board. I realised my other board needs a new cover.

This one is much smaller, a tabletop  one I use upstairs when doing crafty projects. It didn’t take long to make this – but I still had quite a bit of fabric left. I decided to tackle another of my 52 Projects


IMG_1684There was an idea in Prima magazine recently for making shoelaces from pretty fabric, to brighten your summer plimsolls.

52 projects






biasbinding1I cut out two long strips, and using my Bias Maker, pressed under the edges, then folded the strips in half and machined them. The magazine gave no instructions at all about the ends – and they are carefully hidden in the photograph. I spoke to my Other Half and asked him for some of the Heat Shrink Tubing he uses when he’s doing electrical work


Along with the tubing came the Heat Gun which shrinks the plastic to fit. I couldn’t decide between white, lemon, blue, or pink – so each lace has different coloured ends!


The original white laces have gone into the shoelace box and my old canvas shoes are ready for a summer outing! Very grateful to my Other Half for having the materials I needed to hand. As I said to him

“It’s not every girl who can shrink her own aglets!”


  1. Your pumps look fab. I'm after some pumps for our holidays and I was thinking of changing the laces but hadn't decided what to. I have now. Thanks for the idea.

  2. ooh, like this idea!
    Thank goodness for 'other halves'!

  3. They are really effective and change the whole look of the pumps :)

  4. That's great, your canvas shoes look fab & have a new lease of life. Good job Bob had the wherewithal to allow you to finish off the laces, & shame on Prima for fudging the issue - they are usually so good with their instructions, did you email them? Vee x

  5. That's so pretty, what a great idea!

  6. Those are fab! I have pumps in several different colours - they form part of my summer everyday ' uniform' . Making some snazzy laces could be just the thing to give them a new lease of life, so thankyou for posting this!

  7. Very pretty.
    Love from Mum


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