Monday, 31 March 2014

It’s A Good Thing!

52 projects

Martha Stewart often shares an organising tip and declares "It’s a good thing”. Well one of the items on my 52 Projects list was “Organise Martha Stewart Magazines”


I started collecting these in 1999, and continued for ten years. I didn’t every issue, and especially after her jailterm, when the monthly magazine was much thinner – fewer articles, and less advertising.

Whilst I liked the crafts and homekeeping tips, I felt that at times she was not always kind in the way she wrote about other people. It doesn’t matter how perfectly you fold the napkins if you are then going to write about the ‘careless guest who broke an ornament’, or belittle someone else’s attempts at decorations [and name them!] Martha, the bottom line is this; people and relationships are more important that impeccable housekeeping.

I had nearly 100 issues of MSL, in file boxes on the shelf in the bedroom. But having purchased her two craft books with a book token, and realising that almost all the recipes are on her website, there wasn’t much point in hanging on to the magazines. I advertised some on eBay, and they are on their way to someone in Gloucester who is trying to complete her set. Some of the remainder are going to another Martha fan up in Yorkshire and I shall probably Freecycle the rest. I am not attempting to make any money – just pass them on to people who will enjoy them. It feels very satisfying to have cleared these out. The books weighed 100lb – which is what I weighed on my 18th birthday. And now they are gone…IMG_1745

The files are empty…


Now I must decide what to do with the Real Simple magazines. Eagle-eyed readers will notice I file these by month not year. It makes sense – in springtime I can pull out and re-read all the ones with seasonal recipes and Easter crafts, and in the winter, find the Christmas stuff. But I suspect that they too will soon face a cullingIMG_1747

Dealing with Martha Stewart…it’s a good thing!


  1. Well done! I always felt she was a bit acerbic towards people. What will you do with all that space?!

  2. I so admire your ability to get rid of things which have served their purpose. I so often cling on unnecessarily.

  3. This post made me smile. I usually have no problem getting rid of magazines when I've read them but I hang on to the copies of Martha I buy. I have no idea why!

    I probably "only" have a dozen but maybe it's time for me to thing about whether I really read them time and again or if they're just here for the sake of it.

  4. I've never liked Martha Stewart, her manner grates on me.
    Jane x

  5. I appreciate where you have your priorities...people are always more important! Thanks for one of the best blogs I've ever come across! Always enjoyable, even though I'm from a different culture!

  6. I read a (probably unauthorized) biography of Martha and concluded that she was a cutthroat business woman from an early age. She has managed to accomplish an awful lot and I'm sure a lion's share of her business dealings have worn heavy on her soul. I don't think she sleeps much.
    Good for you, getting rid of access baggage and doing it in your ever-present sunny way!

  7. Clearing out is always a good occupation for spring.
    What are your plans for all that space?

  8. I have never read anything by Martha Stewart, or seen her on television. I only heard of her when it was on the news that she had been imprisoned. Maybe I really do live in a bubble!

  9. A nice bit of decluttering done , and probably the most organised magazine collection I have seen :)


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