Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Taken Into Custardy

IMG_1587I bought a mini panettone for £1 in Aldi just before Christmas, and I also had an egg custard mix in the cupboard. So I thought I’d be creative. On the egg custard box it suggested making a bread and butter pudding – so I checked this out in the Greens Website.


I modified it, by using 6 small pots,not one big one, and just cutting my panettone into chunks, rather than slicing and buttering [it had chocolate chips in anyway] As per instructions, I made up the custard and poured it over the chunks.

That was before I went to church Sunday. When I got home, as per the recipe, I put the puds [the custard now set] in the oven to bake for 20minutes. I have to report this does not work!! When I served up the puds, the custard had gone runny again. Bob nobly ate his sloppy pudding but we agreed it was not as expected. However, the remaining puds cooled and went into the fridge. This time, the custard set, and I served them as cold desserts. Much better!

ipreachThat was the second disaster on Sunday – the first was arriving at church in Hugglescote, to preach, and realising in the hymn just before the sermon that I had left the final sheet of my sermon notes at home. By the Grace of God, and Divine Inspiration, I was able to finish the sermon from memory.

And as Bob said, it’s always good if that happens from time to time, it keeps your on your toes! I’ve just discovered a website with preacher’s tee shirts – I just cannot decide which I like best

ipreachipreach2ipreach heart

I suspect I’m better at preaching than at cooking. I’m certain that 35 years of my cooking has deepened the quality of Bob’s praying.


  1. We had bread and butter puddign made with croissants at the weekend - lovely!

  2. Mr FD makes a mean pannetone bread-and-butter pudding, using enormous amounts of cream and eggs. It is our usual "Christmas pudding" as neither of us like the traditional Christmas pud!
    We usually serve it "tiède" - luke warm - maybe that would work for your sloppy ones.
    My Nan used to make lovely egg custards, but Mr FD isn't a fan. I remember in my Domestic Science exam, we had todevise a menu to cook in a caravan, with limited cooking facilities. My menu included an egg custard for dessert. It was only at the very end of the exam that I realised that the limited cooking facilities didn't include an oven. In desperation I suggested putting the egg custard under the grill. Mrs Wilkinson, my teacher, told me it was a goood effort, but the egg custard would not have set. Are you sure you used the oven and not the grill...?!


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