Saturday 8 March 2014

Yellow Fever!

Yellow, lemon, gold, amber, blonde, flaxen, citrine, canary,buttery, saffron, sunny, xanthic

Whatever name you give it, there’s been a lot of mellow yellow round here this week!egyptian semolina cake etc

On Wednesday, my friend Elisabeth went bananas to help promote Fairtrade Fortnight [centre picture] What a costume!

On Thursday Ellah Kandi [bottom, centre] came to our church to talk about her cooking, and show us her book [bottom right] full of golden foodstuffs from the sunny Caribbean.

On Friday, we had the Women’s Day of Prayer service, and some of the ladies dressed as Egyptians [that’s Mary, being Isis, centre left – draping cloth representing the River Nile and the yellow Sahara] And afterwards, tea and Egyptian sweetmeats [Golden Semolina Cake, and Yellow Marzipan Dates]

And now, the daffodils on the windowsill have blossomed in their jug, bringing sunshine into the lounge. Spring is definitely here!



  1. And I have yellow crocus out too!

  2. Lovely! I was sad to miss the WWDP service as it was in the morning rather than evening! X


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