Saturday, 1 March 2014

Prince Charming?

Lots of interesting comments on yesterday’s post about actors who appear in lots of roles and leave us confused. Frances asked  if the actor who played Prince Edward [later King Edward VIII] in Downton Abbey [2013] was the same one who played him in The King’s Speech [2010] . The answer is no- but I can see why you might have thought so. Same chin, same mouth, same shirt…

Below left, Guy Pearce in King’s Speech and right, Oliver Dimsdale in Downton. Below them, on the left is Edward Fox playing the prince in ‘Edward and Mrs Simpson’ [1978] and on the right, the Prince himself. I have to say that for me personally, Mr Fox is definitely the best –but all three actors have done a fine job.

kings speech guy pearce edward 8

downton abbey oliver dimsdale edward 8

edward fox edward 8


Here’s a bizarre twist - The plot of the Downton Christmas Special centred on correspondence between Edward, Prince of Wales and his mistress Freda Dudley-Ward [she came along before Wallis Simpson] Here’s the actual woman, and her character in DA [played by by Janet Montgomery] FDW’s granddaughter was Tracy Reed – who was the first wife of Edward Fox. Maybe that is why Edward Fox is the best Prince Edward – he got insider tips from his grandmother-in-law!

freda dudley ward - mistress edward 8

downton freda dudley ward

Whilst on the subject of Downton, and beautiful people…

steph the flapper girlI posted a picture of Steph two weeks ago, at my niece Kate’s 1920’s themed birthday party.

I actually got to see her dress when we were in London last weekend. It is utterly stunning, covered in beautiful beadwork. Definitely appropriate for visiting Downton Abbey, I think!


Wonderful stitching – all those beads and pearls. And look at the glorious fringed hem too…



  1. What a fascinating post.
    Stephs dress is beautiful. Is it a vintage one?

    1. No it's new. I believe she bought it on Oxford Street - I will ask her

  2. I just love the 1920's outfits they just seem so glamorous and that dress looks exquisite. Nice bit of trivia about the real life and actorly connections too, must store that away for later use!

  3. Thank you for clearing up the "who played the prince" question for me! Lots of interesting history in all of this.

    GORGEOUS dress!



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