Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Goodbye Hayley!


On Sunday we said ‘goodbye’ to Hayley, our brilliant Youth Worker, who is getting married in two weeks, and will be disappearing off to Manchester with her new husband Joe. There was much giggling during the service, Bob had the pair of them ‘jumping the broomstick’ and Joe had to smash a glass [two wedding customs from other traditions]


Rachel grabbed my camera, to take a photograph of me, on my knees clearing up the debris whilst the Offering was being collected [it was a small plastic ‘glass’ not the real thing, so no danger]

After church we went downstairs for usual post church coffee, followed by a great lunch. My camera was acting strangely . I took one shot, but as Bob looked too serious, I asked him to smile. He went from this…to this!



The young people will really miss Hayley. Here is Joe looking on as they swamp her with a Group Hug. Everyone signed a card, and we gave her a bouquet of flowers, and gifts. Also we made a tiny scrapbook of greetings – this was done over the lunch, and everyone present signed it.


I had prepared the covers beforehand, and on the tables were boxes with pens and pre-cut hearts. That was it was quick and easy to assemble the finished book. It’s a Muji notebook, and as the black ribbon ties didn’t look particularly bridal I threaded on some lilac and pink beads to go with the lilac and pink on the front.

hayleys farewell


We are really grateful for all the hard work Hayley has put in, to building up the work with the young people in our church and our community. She is leaving us for the happiest of reasons and Joe is a lovely guy.

May God bless them both, as they start their new life together.


  1. It's always sad to say goodbye to good people ,but I'm sure Haley will light up more lives in Manchester.
    Jane x

  2. What a wonderful celebration! I'm sure Haley feels appreciated and loved.


  3. How lovely! Good luck and God bless Hayley!!!

    I just opened a parcel which I picked up from the post office and,it seems I need to operate on a bottle top snake who needs reconstructive surgery!!!! Thank you!!! What a sweet thought!!! I laughed lots as I opened it (in Waitrose cafe!!!) X


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