Saturday, 8 March 2014

How, Where, Why and What?


  • How come some of my favourite blogs keep ‘falling off’ my Blogger Reading List, and I fail to get notice of new posts?
  • Where have they gone?I know they are still blogging, because every so often I think ‘Where’s Floss?’ or ‘I haven’t seen a post from Kezzie this week’ so I search …and there they are
  • Why am I finding it nigh impossible to ‘unfollow’ some blogs – I began reading them when I stumbled on a fascinating post, but now they keep popping up although they no longer interest me – why can’t I delete them from my BRL?
  • What is this odd thing whereby I read nothing from someone for weeks – and suddenly seventeen posts from the past month pop up all at the same time?

If you can answer any of these, or suffer in a similar way, do let me know!


  1. Technology is a wonderful thing !

  2. I have exactly the same issues. I wish I knew the answer!

  3. I can't help I'm afraid, alll I can say is I am afflicted by all of these things and as equally frustrated by it as you seem to be. If I find out a soloution to any of them I'll let you know!

  4. I can't delete some blogs...I also find that a post from someone appears in the list AFTER I have already checked the list. The blog friend must be stealth blogging.
    Jane x

  5. No idea, so I'm definitely no help to you, sorry!

    I'm a bit shamefaced but I only worked out how this follower thing works when I was tinkering about with my blog for GYB. I tend to use Bloglovin and even though I've now worked out the blogger follower thing I prefer bloglovin as it also syncs up automatically when I use the app when I am out and about rather than having to sign into my blogs etc.

  6. It sounds to me as though your Blogger is closely related to Ben's Mobile phone.... it keeps doing similar things to his emails!

  7. I don't know either!!! I've got lots of redundant blogs on my reading list and yes, I get notice of posts!! Sorry if I've failed to comment this week too. Unbelievably busy week, out till all ours, am currently zooming down the A13 and in need of my bed!! X

  8. I know of at least one blogger who is trying to cut down use of electricity and the internet by writing several posts and saving them and then posting them all at once.

    I also suffer all the problems you've mentioned and find it a little irritating.


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