Saturday 29 March 2014

Our Church Is Full Of Fleas!

I knew the ukulele came from Hawaii – but I didn’t know what its name meant till this week - [C19: from Hawaiian, literally: jumping flea, from `uku flea + lele jumping]


Jo Stevenson, of Go Ukulele Crazy, brought her band of enthusiastic amateur musicians to entertain us last night. This was a fund-raiser for our Church Project – and I am thrilled to say it was a sellout- every ticket went! We began with a splendid supper, prepared by Janet G and her team.

IMG_1757Here’s Graham enjoying his apple crumble and cream! We had jacket potatoes, various quiches and salads, then crumble or trifle – followed by tea and coffee.


The band played for almost two hours. Jo invited any member of the audience who played to join in – and three people did! Jo is a very animated conductor [like a jumping flea!] and all my shots were out of focus, I shall ask my mate Peter for one of his pictures [Peter’s wife Janet S is one of our deacons, and in the band. This brilliant evening was her idea] So no picture of Jo here, but one of me with new haircut and my new ‘'Pulitzer’ top


Latest Update from Janet S – over £400 raised!

Thankyou, everyone who supported this event

Update #2 - Here’s Jo, explaining the actions to one of the songs, and requesting audience participation. Thanks Peter for the photograph


  1. Once again, your title made me envision a totally different event - parishioners scratching furiously! lol Looks like a fun evening and you look wonderful, Angela!

  2. You do look chic Ang!
    What a fun evening that must have been, it is not often that you hear the ukelele (apart from George Formby)

  3. Your new look is fabulous!
    Jane x

  4. Oh what a lovely evening! I'd really like to learn the uke! It'd be very useful! Maybe I could start a club at school??
    What a lovely idea for a fundraiser! Love your new hair and top! You've got great hair- like Louise Brookes! I am always too scared to cut mine too short after a debacle in year 8 where it was cut way too short (and wonky- I now associate the two when it comes to my hair!)x

  5. Really sorry we had to miss this, performing ourselves at the Grammar School. New hair looks fab x


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