Monday, 10 March 2014

Pressing On

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Here’s one long-overdue project finally crossed off – to recover my ironing board. I’ve had this circular tablecloth since Christmas 1979 – but no circular table for years!

I hung onto it because it was a gift from my MIL. I liked the pretty border print. But I couldn’t make it into another cotton skirt- because it still looked like a tablecloth!




So I cut it in half, and recovered the ironing board using just the central floral pattern. I now have a semicircle of pattern fabric with a border print leftover!

Anybody got any suggestions?IMG_1586


  1. That will make doing the ironing much more pleasant!
    I think I would save the rest of the fabric for the exact same purpose- it's bound to wear out eventually!

  2. Such a beautiful pattern, you have a very pretty ironing board now.

    X x

  3. Make a pinny and use the border fabric for the bottom edge, top 'bib' and apron ties.
    Use the border on a skirt? LOL!
    Toaster cover?

  4. Pretty! Hmmmmm. A ruffle to be used later? I saw an idea on Pinterest: use your machine to zig zag with dental floss and then gather.

  5. I think that's the prettiest ironing board cover I have ever seen!
    Jane x

  6. Great job.
    Love from Mum

  7. Gorgeous!!! Clever and resourceful you! X

  8. Gently take it apart and resew it into a table runner.

  9. Table mats, peg bag, shopping bag? I'm about to take in and shorten a lovely duvet cover my mum gave me. It is king size and our duvet is double. And I have no sewing machine! That will keep me busy for a few evenings.

  10. That's a posh looking ironing board now, love it!


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