Wednesday, 26 March 2014

No, It’s NOT A Bowler Hat, Bob!

this is not a hat

I have never actually read  “The Man who mistook his Wife for a Hat”, but I may have to write a sequel entitled “The Man who mistook his Wife’s latest Craft Project for a Hat”

I saw an idea in a craft magazine for an unusual greetings card, and as there are some significant events coming up soon which require cards, I thought I would have a go at making one.

These cards are known as four-section-circular-stand-ups! But I am unwilling to risk my Stash Of Crafting Stuff on prototypes, so began by making a trial model with an old calendar. You start by cutting out four circles [I drew round a tea plate] Take on and fold it into quarters, then cut out a one eighth segment. Stick the remaining eighth flap behind, to give a ‘corner’ shape with three curved edges.



You need to crease everything really firmly, and then fold the shape in half,pushing the bottom face up inside.This gives you a crease along the middle.


Then you stick those four pieces together, along just three faces. Use plenty of Pritt stick and match your folds and curved edges carefully

Here’s a shot from underneath which I hope makes it clearer.


Now I have flattened it and just temporarily joined the last two faces together using a paperclip.

Turn it over – and voila, a four-section-circular-stand-up card. I can see why Bob thought it was like a bowler hat though.


I have since made my ‘proper’ greetings card … but I am not posting pictures till after the intended recipient has received it!

I have just found a good online tutorial here, and below, a picture of another card I found online.


This one is quite spectacular – I think there were pre-printed quadrants used on the pages.

Now I have to make an envelope to fit [it will be hand delivered- I am not paying the new postal charges]


  1. How spectacular - well done you. I'll have a go but not holding out much hope. I totally agree about those wretched postal charges - almost puts you off posting anything.

  2. A really unusual looking card. Cant wait to see the real thing

  3. can't wait to see the one you made.


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