Thursday, 27 March 2014

Three Minutes On Thursday #8–It’s A Wrap!

3-minutes [3]

I was utterly overwhelmed when I got home from school the other afternoon, and Bob said “There’s a present for you, from me, on the coffee table” – ten red roses! He rarely buys me flowers, so when he does, I am always totally overwhelmed!


Bob had even put them in water till I got home. Now they’re in a simple glass vase on the window sill. But as I looked at them, I realised there was a three-minute tip to pass on… I store my collection of jugs and flower vases on the top of the cupboard over the cooker. They are out of the way there, and unlikely to get knocked or chipped. But they do get incredibly dirty, with all the dust and grease that settles up there. So I wrap each one in clingfilm. If I need a container, I can unwrap the dusty, greasy film to reveal the pristine clean jug or sparkling glass vase underneath.


It takes less than a minute to wrap, and even quicker to unwrap – but saves a lot of time [and detergent]

Thankyou Bob, for the wonderfully unexpected romantic gesture!


  1. That's a fantastic idea! I've filed that one xxx

  2. Great idea. I used to put tissue paper inside but will do this instead. Thanks Angela.

  3. Brilliant idea, so simple. Well thought of that woman :)

  4. What a lovely surprise from Bob. Good idea about keeping the vases free from grease, having just decorated the kitchen I know that the dusty greasy film gets everywhere! I've put a layer of paper on top of the kitchen cupboards for that very reason, Vee x

  5. Great idea, I'll be pinching that one for stuff that goes on top of my kitchen cupboards - it always gets so dusty with ash dust from the stove.

  6. Great idea...I must remember that. I told you Bob was a keeper!
    Jane x

  7. Brilliant idea!
    And well done Bob for your surprise gift!

  8. What a super tip and well done to lovely Bob!x


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