Saturday, 15 March 2014

What Katy Did Next


I loved the ‘Katy’ series by Susan Coolidge when I was younger – and I have always been fond of the name Katharine in its various forms [it is Steph’s middle name, and I have a niece called Kate, plus friends called Kathryn, Katherine, Cathy and Kate]

I just wanted to mention two clever and creative ladies, Cathy and Kate, whose blogs I love reading because they produce such lovely items. They are Kate Davies, and Cathy Daniels.

katedaviesdesigns_1354444493_8Kate Davies is a brilliant knitwear designer from the Scottish Highlands. I am in complete awe of her wonderful garments and intricate stitchwork. Furthermore, she is working hard to ensure that the traditional skills do not die out – read her blog and find out about steeks, and Fair Isle patterns and more. I was really excited, watching the first series of ‘Shetland’ on BBC1, to see one of her berets being worn by a character.

The picture shows Kathy, in one of her hats, by a rainbow [I love it]And she is so generous in the way she explains techniques, and her patterns are well written, not too hard to follow, despite their intricacies. If you are a knitter, do check her out.

cathydaniels contrary wifeCathy Daniels is a potter from Norfolk. They sell her stuff in The Gallery in Dereham – but it has always been closed when I have visited [I think it only opens on a Wednesday when there is no R in the month or something!] She makes charming ceramic pieces, many based on traditional patchwork designs and has recently branched out into ‘home textiles’ I cannot find a picture of Cathy – but that’s one of her ‘quilt bowls’ – named ‘Contrary Wife’. Her online shop is open now, here. I like the way she takes a ‘soft’ medium – textile work, and turns it into something ‘firm’ – ceramics.

cathydanielsShe also makes sweet little ceramic buttons, which would look lovely on a handmade garment, as well as tiny ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. Another blog definitely worth looking at. Cathy is having a giveaway this month too

Can you recommend any favourite ‘inspirational’ craft blogs like these?


  1. One creative blog I often recommend is called Tracing Rainbows. Brilliant, low cost, practical ideas

  2. How lovely to see these traditional techniques being used!!! X

  3. I am in awe of the knitting blog! I thought I was a reasonably competent knitter until I read it. I am still none the wiser as to what a "steek" is, however I am determined to find out!


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