Thursday, 10 April 2014

3 Minutes On Thursday #10 - The Wife Of Bath

3-minutes [3]


Just a few quick ideas about keeping the bathroom clean [all a bit grandma-sucking-eggs stuff…but somebody might not know these]


It is 30 years since I first read Don Aslett’s book. At the time, I lived in a home with a bath, but not a shower. So his advice about shower squeegees was irrelevant, and I did nothing about it. Now I am in a place where there is a shower, with a door, and I find that using a squeegee is brilliant. After every shower, squeegee-ing the droplets of water from the walls and door makes an incredible difference.


It is obvious when you think about it – but just that simple exercise, which takes less than a minute, means the shower will dry quicker, meaning less condensation in the bathroom, and no smears and drops – just sparkling surfaces. Mine comes from IKEA and has a grey blade and has lasted years.

Those little scrubbers/bodypuffs whatever you call them, have been getting a bad press in some corners of blogland recently. Evil, unrepeatable stories about germs and spiders etc.

littlescrubbersWhich is a shame, because they are very useful at making a little blob of shower gel into clouds of lather. The problems start if you leave one damp puff festering in the bathroom for days. The secret is to buy half a dozen from the Poundshop.

mesh bag

Whenever you have a bath/shower, use a fresh one, and then drop it in the laundry bin with the damp towel and dirty clothes after your ablutions. When you put the washing in the machine, it’s a good idea to put all the puffs into a little zip-up bag [like you use for your delicates and bras] so they don’t abrade your other garments.

denture tabs

Finally, don’t forget to keep a tube of denture cleaning tablets around [these are less than £ a tube, even in Boots] Drop one down the loo before you go out to work, or go off to church -  and it will work its sparkling magic on the enamel in your absence. Much wiser than pouring a load of bleach down there as your parting gesture. I got white splash spots on a favourite frock once, doing that.

This post uses the words ablution [1533] and abrade [1677] neither of which were around in Chaucer’s time [1343 –1400] so his Wife Of Bath wouldn’t have used them. But then she would not have used a squeegee, bodypuff, or denture tabs either, would she?


  1. Liking the Thursday tips.
    Just had to let you know I got a £10 cheque from the Bic crystal challenge this morning, and to thank you for letting us all know about it, I haven't seen it anywhere else, so my win is down to you - thankyou! By the way have you found out about the class elf yet? It piqued my curiosity.
    Have a great day, Vee x

  2. Good tips! I have a,squeegee but always in a hurry so don't always use it x

  3. Ablution is such a pleasant-sounding word.

    Good tips all - and the denture tablet one is new to me, so thank you! :)

  4. Great tips, especially the last one, which I've done before and seen it work. All of my bathrooms are in need of severe deep cleans ... Must be brave and tackle them (one of these days).


  5. Your post reminds me that I, too, need to get busy in the bathroom. Great tips. I never thought about using a bath puff for scrubbing.


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