Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Hole Story


The other week I went mad at the Scout Rummage Sale and bought this plate with a hole in it for 50p. What I really wanted was the bit of metal  screwed through it - a three section handle, which originally held a stack of different sized plates

IMG_1772This ‘square’ Midwinter turquoise plate was at the base, although I suspect it began life as the middle plate, as it is about 20cm across.

I dug out some of my “English Country Inns” crockery. I collected this when I was a student, living in Kenilworth. The hardware shop by the bus stop used to sell them for between 15p and 50p!

Clever Bob took them out to the garage, drilled them and made me a cakestand!

from ebay

This one I found advertised on eBay, also Grindley Country Inns china. It would cost £56.50 to buy. More than 40 times what mine cost me.

My landlady, Mrs Lawrence, encouraged this collection “You can put it for your Bottom Drawer” she said. I’m afraid it has been sadly neglected, for many years! shall use my cakestand for elegant tea times – and the Grindley will be in use again.

Thanks again to Bob for displaying such holeyness!


  1. How lovely. It's such a pretty pattern, and you will enjoy using it again I'm sure.

  2. My husband and I found some pretty plates in a charity shop and made them into cake stands. We also found a plate with a hole and made it into a cake stand with a glass candle holder.

    I have a lovely English-made candle silver-plated cake stand which I found in a charity shop for £2.50- it's so beautiful and was SUCH a find!
    Your one is lovely x

  3. It's very pretty.
    I look forward to reading about how you put it to good use!

  4. How dear that someone encouraged you to collect something homey and you did. VERY pretty!

  5. Thanks Angela for your comment on my blog! Can't believe anyone would pay £9.99 for jam labels!
    Lovely Midwinter plate - I have a sweet dish the same design, 1950s loveliness. Well done to Bob for drilling plates, I have bought a drill bit to do the same, but am too scared to attempt it!

  6. I haven't seen a stacked cake stand in years! They are rather elegant though,aren't they.
    Jane x

  7. 'Such holeyness'....ha ha! Love your cakestand. Reminds me of days of old. Have you heard of 'Zentangle', it's a therapeutic form of art? Well, the members of my prospective new daughter-in-law's Dad's church have been sketching for Lent and are calling their artwork 'Lentangles'. I can send you pics if you like so you can see what I mean?(ps, she'll be my proper daughter-in-law come this Saturday!).

  8. I know about Zentangles- intrigued by the idea of Lentangles. And I DO hope that you will post some wedding pictures after the event!


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