Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Thank You!

LCM~logoBack in February, I spent half term week using up my baby wool, knitting for the Mission.

Jon kindly delivered the package for me – and then I posted a few more bits a few weeks later.

I have recently had a phone call from Joy Gadsden, who is their Support Co-ordinator. She said they had been overwhelmed by the response – including lots of anonymous donations of cardis and blankets. The hospitals have gratefully received all the items they can use – and more have gone to the Community teams, to help the young teenage Mums on very low incomes.

IMG_1584Joy says she obviously cannot thank the anonymous donors – but if that includes some of you, dear blogfriends, please accept this post as a sincere message of thanks from Joy, the LCM, and all the mothers and babies who have been blessed by your kindness

And thanks from me too, for taking up the challenge with me. I will let you know next time LCM have another appeal like this.

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