Friday, 4 April 2014

For The Mums

Last Friday I did some supply teaching with Year 2’s age 6 and 7] and taught them to make pop-up cards for Mothering Sunday

mothering sunday cards inglehurst

I thought they did really well. On Sunday at Church, we had a Mothering Sunday Theme. The very youngest children had made posters which were displayed round the church. They had declared their love [I love my Mummy because she lets me have bacon for breakfast. I love Mummy cos she gives me great cuddles…] In the service Bob spoke about Mary the mother of Jesus – and we had anagrams from the letters M O T H E R I N G S U N D A Y. The older children came in at the end with primula plants for every lady present.

After the evening Bible Study, Bob and I drove to London – Steph gave me a glorious bouquet and a great card [Poor child she feels obliged to scour the shops for one with the proper name on it – but always comes up with a lovely one] Thanks Steph!


Click on the collages for a closer look! I hope your day was good too.


  1. Only anagram I managed was "her day on gin". Didn't think it appropriate to read that one out in church...

  2. As an American reader of your blog, I like that you refer to it as Mothering Sunday in the U.K. There are many people who do "mothering" who may not be mothers. Your nomenclature is much more inclusive than our Mother's Day which arrives in May over here.

  3. Lovely to see a card with Mothering Sunday on it!

  4. I should think there were some very happy Mums with those cards! The only anagram I could come up with was "doing the yarn" or "doing maths". Not great subjects for a sermon, although fairly descriptive of some of us!


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