Saturday, 5 April 2014

To The Happy Couple

hayley and joe

Hayley Gask, our Youth Worker left us a couple of weeks ago, and today she is marrying Joe Barker at Sutton In Elms Baptist Church. Our young people are acting as waiters at the Reception, and we are all praying that it will be a wonderful day, and a truly happy marriage. God bless you both!


Here’s the card I made a while back – the four sections have different greetings and Bible verses and ‘embellishments’ The envelope has a heart tag & wax seal with my ‘A for Almond’ seal!


It was great fun making the card for such a lovely young couple!


More photos of the event to follow, I hope.


  1. They look so happy together Your card is delightful.

  2. Awww, congratulations to them!!! Your card is gorgeous! Clever you! I've got that same x-cut heart punch! X

  3. What a lovely card, I love the "A" seal too, Past Times offered the occasional not to be missed treasure. They look a very happy couple, I'm sure they'll have a lovely day & see it as a start to their future together. Vee x

  4. Aw! How lovely! Look at those shiny smiles!


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