Friday, 18 April 2014

Hot Cross…


Here’s a different take on the usual Good Friday Bun. Just a regular muffin recipe – but I added a teaspoonful of cinnamon, and a handful of dried fruit. Once they were cooked, I made crosses on the top using a skewer heated in the gas flame. We had some this afternoon, and will toast the remainder tomorrow.


I had to eat my muffin very carefully due to toothache. I am very grateful to the Leicester Emergency Dental Service who was able to see me this afternoon and prescribe the necessary medication for the gum infection round my wisdom tooth. I am confident the pain will subside soon.


  1. Poor you. I don't envy you with toothache - awful pain. I've never made muffins before. I must have a go. Happy Easter to you and yours.
    Love from Mum

  2. Great twist on hot cross buns, Angela. Hope your Easter is lovely. Cheers

  3. What a creative way to mark the muffins. Hope that tooth gets better soon, and that you both have a blessed Easter.

  4. Hope you tooth feels better soon.
    Happy Easter


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