Friday 25 April 2014

Pedal Power!



The cycling bug has really bitten! Liz and Jon arrived here at Cornerstones last Thursday afternoon, and by the time they left on Tuesday afternoon, they had clocked up over 200 miles. They visited the coast, and countryside, Blakeney, Bircham Windmill, and lots of other places. Liz also managed to rescue a lamb which had got out of its field and could not get back to its mother.

They had a great time on their bikes – but unfortunately on their return to London things were not so good. On Wednesday morning, going to work, Liz was knocked off her bike by a foolish motorist who came up on the inside, then realised he was entering a bus lane, so pulled back in front of her, clipping her wheel and knocking her off. By the grace of God, she only had minor cuts and bruises. The bike is now in for repairs. I am so grateful she is OK, and grateful also to the unknown guys who stopped and helped her, and the police [and to the witnesses who came forward] We hope the man’s insurance will pay for the damage to the bike. All very frightening. Not a nice thing to happen! Liz said one of the guys yelled a lot at the driver and told him what he thought of him. Thanks, mate- I would have applauded you if I’d been there. I could rant for Britain on the subject of car drivers who take no thought for people on two wheels [both bicycles and motorbikes]

IMG_1895Meanwhile,we have both been given bikes to leave in the garage here, so we can ride around too [and other visitors to Cornerstones can use them as well] Thank you to the generous donors for these ‘fixer-uppers’


Bob has already got his into a roadworthy condition, and cycled to the farm for fresh eggs. My purple peril is currently in bits in the garage. A new saddle was top of the list, the original seems to have been nibbled by mice! Looking forward to pedalling round in the summer.

The week has been brilliant thus far – Monday we went on a Ramble with friends from Dereham Baptist Church, including Christine, Adrian and Marion. The weather was lovely and the pub lunch good.


We also had a belated Family Birthday Dinner for Marion and myself – this is the only photo I took – we began with soup in bread bowls, followed by ham with parsley sauce, accompanied by four different veg, then we had pannacotta [with ginger thins and blackcurrant compote on the side]It all tasted surprisingly good. I shall need to do lots of cycling to burn off all those calories.


  1. So glad Liz is relatively unscathed, what a nasty shock, & what dreadful driving. Nice to hear that passers by were so helpful, also that you've had such a good time. Vee x

  2. Glad to hear your daughter is OK. Hope the motorist has learned his lesson!

  3. Glad to hear that Liz is OK.
    I was once knocked off my bike,the motorist slowed down,saw I had been knocked into a ditch, and he sped off. I hope he could live with himself.
    Jane x

  4. Belated Birthday Wishes...! I hope that we have a long warm summer so that you can really enjoy your bikes. Jx

  5. Oh dear, poor Liz!!! What a dangerous fool that driver was!! Glad you had a lovely time with Liz and friends x

  6. So glad Liz is okay! How frightening. She looks like you in the top picture.

    Happy belated birthday! xofrances

  7. I always think London cyclists are among the bravest in the world ... they have to be to ride there. So glad your daughter was not hurt! Kudos to all her brave defenders.

    Enjoy those new bikes! :)


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