Saturday, 26 April 2014

Planting And Painting

Last year, we built a summerhouse in one corner of the gardenIMG_0022 IMG_0463

This year we have made a few more improvements out there. The patio and decking were pressure-washed, and Bob planted the two rose bushes which Adrian and Marion gave me for my birthday




My birthday gift from Bob was this circular rush mat – because I have already discovered that pins disappear down the cracks between the floorboards when I sit outside and sew! [From this company – I’d recommend them!]

This past week we have painted the outside – green for the walls, and a contrast for the edgings, plus wood treatment for the floor. Bob did the high level work, but the back corner was my job- I had to squeeze through the very narrow gap and felt like a prisoner!

IMG_1890  Let me out!!IMG_1892 IMG_1893We are very pleased with the finished effect. It should ensure the summerhouse is a little more weatherproof. The lights inside are on now, and Bob has fired up the BBQ. What a lovely way to spend the evening - the blue sky has gone, but it is still warm…


Note to self when doing DIY tasks – it is quite OK to play one’s Rend Collective music, and sing along joyfully in a tuneless sort of way – but dancing whilst holding a loaded paintbrush is a more risky. [Michael Jackson meets Jackson Pollock is not what is needed here]


  1. Looks lovely, Ang - well done!

  2. How lovely that looks, very Country Living.

  3. Ha ha, that's funny!!! The summer house is really lovely and how clever of Bob to find that rush mat!!! Poor Prisoner Almond! X

  4. summerhouse looks good nice job

  5. You 'do' forlorn very well!
    The gazebo is looking so very chic,I hope you are blessed with many beautiful days to enjoy it.
    Jane x

  6. It looks a lovely place to sit and relax in the (hopefully) many warm evenings to come. Enjoy!

  7. That looks so nice! Perfect place for a cuppa tea and a good book. :-)

  8. Lovely.. I think the colours give it a slightly 'Japanese' feel.. Jx

  9. Looks great, well done both of you. Hope you've had some chill out time as well as all the work on the summer house x


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