Wednesday 23 April 2014

The What, Where, And Wear Of Java!

java islandWhen you hear the word Java, do you think ‘island’, ‘coffee’ or ‘programming language’?
java language
Be honest, could you find the island on a map? For years I knew it was near the Volcano Krakatoa. That had a spectacular eruption in 1883 – the year our church was founded [no connection, I am sure] But mistakenly I believed the volcano was east of the island
krakatoa 1
That was what the film was called, after all. However, it is west of Java. The Hollywood producers actually thought ‘east of’ was more romantic than ‘west of’ so abandoned geographical accuracy! Five years later the film was re-launched, and this time round, they called it ‘Volcano’. I have no idea whether cinemagoers in Java bothered with either film!
krakatoa 2
Why the interest in Java? Well, it is famous for its beautiful sarongs – and I received a lovely one as a belated birthday gift on Saturday. The card with it said my friend had been saving it to give to someone who would make something with it.
What she didn’t know was that the other gift which arrived Saturday was a pair of shoes from my daughter. Look at this photo…
Isn’t that a fabulous match between the blue and navy shoes and the print of the sarong? [The navy and white strip with triangles is the matching scarf] The shoes are Clark's  Idyllia Dance– and will be needed for something special** which is happening to me in the middle of June. I now have the perfect fabric to make a dress to go with the shoes. I shall use that Lisette pattern again – I’ve already made a skirt, top and tunic – so getting my money’s worth from it!
Thank you S & K for your gorgeous gifts.
**more details to follow later – but I must stress I am not going anywhere near islands, Java or volcanoes!


  1. I was once given an exquisite sari, but I was too afraid to cut into it! I think my daughter appropriated it!
    Yours, and the shoes, are perfect together.

  2. Completely in awe of sewing skills and that fabric is amazing. WS xxx

  3. No cup of java,but perhaps champagne?
    Jane x

  4. What a good match!!!! Hurrah, I get to use my favourite word! How serendipitous!!!! I imagined you making a lovely sort of shift dress from it!x

  5. By the way, honestly, the number of people who have NO clue where Java is (and someone hadnt even heard of Indonesia the other day!!!!!)- I know exactly where it is!x


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