Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sweet And Simple

Over the after-church coffee last week, my friend Gemma asked me for some help. She’d bought a pattern to make a dress for her little girl, Charlotte, but couldn’t work out the instructions. We spent a happy couple of hours together and produced this…


It’s very similar to the dresses we made at Sewing Club a few years back, to send to Africa. There’s a pattern here too. I suspect Charlotte will end up with a wardrobe of these this summer. Two half-metre lengths of fabric will produce two dresses in ‘opposite’ colourways. Doesn’t the dress look pretty? [that’s an IKEA print btw]


  1. I have this pattern too, I was given a a remnant of blue fabric with boats along the bottom & decided this would be ideal to make for my youngest DGD.

  2. I am so impressed - it looks so pretty! I am also desperately impressed that you can sew. I'm watching with interest. WS xxx

  3. Super cute! You are so kind to help out with sewing projects!x

  4. I made dresses for Africa out of pillow cases


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