Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Better Than Chocolate!

PaperDollWhen the girls were younger, we had an advent calendar with pockets which we dug out every year. In each pocket was a gift and a slip of paper. They took it in turns each day – one read the paper, the other got the gift. All year I had saved tiny freebies [pencils, soaps, etc] to give them, and on the papers were written the Christmas story. The girls would read each day’s portion, and we would blu-tac them down the door, until the final morning, when Christ was born. I miss that tradition

PaperDoll3[I gave up putting edible gifts in after the year they were all mysteriously eaten by 3rd December!] But since the girls grew up…

This year, however, I have had my own Advent Calendar, courtesy of a dear friend. It is a Jacquie Lawson e-calendar. It has brought me such pleasure each day. I have perfected my Solitaire skills, and dressed dolls, designed baubles, planned wreaths…And not one calorie consumed in the process!




There is so much detail, and after each day’s activity, you can go to the “Family Room” and read the fascinating information in the library. For instance, they make a 4 tonne Stollen in Dresden each year – who knew? [it cut up into small pieces, which are sold for charity.

And this gift is doubly delightful, because it will not have to be packed and moved to Dorset. Thank you, friend. Thank you too, to the person who gave us both Oxfam gifts – we already have more than enough books, and are thrilled that schoolbooks are going out to Africa where they are truly needed.

I hope you are just about ready for tomorrow. Leave the computer and go and enjoy family time!


  1. Have a peaceful Christmas Angela. Thank you for all your wonderful posts and inspiration this year. Lots of love Penny L xxxxx

    1. Have a joyful Christmas yourself, Penny - thank you for your kind words throughout the year x

  2. Hasn't it been fun designing trees and wreaths!

  3. Jacquie Lawson calendars are wonderful - I've had them for the past four years and they are now an Advent tradition in this household. Have a blessed Christmas!

  4. How fun! Have a wonderful celebration of Christ's birth! Sending love and good wishes your way!


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