Monday, 22 December 2014

Top Tips For Christmas 2014–#4


faith popcornMy final tips this year are inspired by this lady. She calls herself a ‘trendcaster’ and ‘futurist’ – and by studying consumer behaviour and the way people act, she predicts how we will be living and what choices we will be making in the years ahead [and by knowing in advance, we can better prepare ourselves]

Personally I am not particularly convinced by many of her arguments, but what fascinates me about this grinning lady is her name – she is

Faith Popcorn

I mention her because at this time of year, popcorn is a fabulous, thrifty thing to have around, and has a variety of wonderful uses.


You can eat it – obvious, I know, but popcorn is very cheap [especially if you buy the kernels and pop your own] There are dozens of recipes out there on the internet [I shall post a couple tomorrow]. I made batches of both sweet and savoury corn to serve up as snacks at our Open House. If you are careful [and do not overdo the butter and sugar coatings] it is much better for you than fat-laden crisps. 


You can hang it – thread some popcorn onto cotton to make garlands- intersperse with dried cranberries if you want to be extra festive. Put it inside, round the tree, to delight your family, or outside round the trees, to delight the birds.


You can pack it – it will cushion delicate gifts like the china ornament you are giving your auntie. Include a note with the gift suggesting that the corn be put outside to feed the birds once the gift is unwrapped!


You can give it. Make a batch of fancy popcorn, put it in a lidded glass jar which you’ve decorated prettily, and that’s a good hostess gift. Or make a batch, put it in a sealed plastic bag inside a box, and tape a cinema token to the lid. That gift gives not just the chance to see a film, but also something to nibble whilst the recipient watches it. And it means there is something to unwrap, not just an envelope to open.

cine voucher

Popcorn - You can use it in loads of ways, it is cheap and cheerful! And making it is such a fun thing to do! I actually checked out Faith Popcorn in a bit more detail, and was really disappointed to discover her original name was Faith Plotkin.

So my final tip this Christmas [which will not surprise you regular readers] is just don’t worry about popcorn, or anything much else - just have…



  1. Having bought my sister-in-law a cinema token (which will give them a lovely chance to go out as a family, and not produce unnecessary clutter), I was thinking about just having an envelope to give them. Filling a jar with popcorn is a great idea! Thanks!

  2. That was a lovely post about popcorn. I think I must be in the minority because I don't like popcorn. I love corn just not when it's popped. I will be making some for our buffet table next Saturday with some chocolate popcorn sprinkle/powder I found in our local supermarket recently.
    Have a great Christmas in Norfolk

  3. You are brilliant at making links between things. Sharing brilliant ideas and teaching me something new. X

  4. Poppin corn used to be one of our fabourite things to do when the boys were small. I love this reminder of hilarious evenings round the hob! Landscape magazine has a gorgeous shot of outdoor plates turned into a bird feeder, like a cake stand with upturned pots between. I'm going to try it decorated with popcorn garlands, although maybe just the popcorn in case the thread would be bad for the birdies....

  5. As it happens I am eating popcorn this very moment! :)

    Good tips all. I make gallons of honey caramelcorn every year at Christmastime to give away, and it's always popular. Recipe here:

    A happy Christmas to you and yours, Angela!


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