Monday, 15 December 2014

Top Tips For Christmas 2014–#3


Two out of three is quite enough

and the three things are quick, quality, and quids-in

What does this mean? Well simply this, when you are preparing for Christmas [or other events like birthday parties, weddings, or the school end-of-year production] do not strive for perfection in all things, remember the two-out-of-three rule. You can achieve two out the list above, but, if you are being realistic, not all three. e.g.

You need to serve 100 drinks

quick, quids-in – go to Poundland for plastic cups [sacrificing quality]

quick, quality – go to John Lewis and buy 100 lovely wineglasses [sacrificing ‘quids-in’]

quality, quids-in – go to all your friends and ask them to each lend you half a dozen glasses [quality, and quids-in – but not quick]

glasses 3glasses1glasses 2

You want a dozen festive napkins on the table for the family Christmas lunch

quick, quids-in – go to Poundland for paper ones

quick, quality – go to John Lewis and buy beautiful linen

quality, quids-in – buy a remnant of Christmas fabric on the market, and spend the November evenings doing appliqué reindeers, felt embellishments and blind-hemming

napkins1napkins2napkins 3

You get the picture – great things can be achieved – but somewhere along the way, you may have to sacrifice time, money or ‘taste’ in order to get what is needed. [n.b. This post is not sponsored – other shops besides John Lewis and Poundland are available]

Don’t beat yourself up about the one thing that you miss out. Good planning and advance preparation can sometimes mean you are able to achieve quality at a low cost – but often you don’t know long enough in advance to plan. And whatever you do, don’t judge your friends for the choice they make. They may not have the time, or money right now. And there’s no accounting for taste!

Two out of three is quite enough

I was talking to Bob about this principle, and he said “Oh, I have always known that” so I asked which of the three he had sacrificed when he married me. The conversation went strangely silent!



  1. That's because he didn't have to sacrifices any of them.x

  2. As a great philosopher once said - "Two out of three ain't bad"!!

  3. I'm trying to instigate one of your tips every week! So does that mean I can just have one of the words in my decision?! Getting ready for mince pies and mulled stuff this weekend, the word would have been quick,but for the next week it will have to be quids-in!

  4. I like this idea. I read this post this morning and was pondering it later this afternoon as I paused (in the bathroom of course) and trying to remember the three q's - I could remember quick and quids-in but quirky was the only other q I could think of. I guess that says something about me...

  5. Bob is skating on very, very thin ice these days. Between the fork 'andles and now this latest insult by omission the only thing he'll be getting for Christmas is a trip to the dog house! I take it you treated him to a suitable 'look'....?

  6. The suitable "look" that Red Setter refers to would, of course, be the Paddington Hard Stare that every teacher has to perfect!
    Of course, Bob didn't have to sacrifice any of the three: your Quality is obvious, Quids-in because you are always thrifty, and Quick-witted and Quick to forgive and to love and to give of yourself. God bless you both through your last Christmas at KM.


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