Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Crafts

This term I have taught children in Reception, Year 1, Year 6, and a group of teenage girls. The year 6 pupils have worked hard at maths and literacy, but with the others there has been opportunity for some craftwork and creativity. My students have made a castle collage, and various Christmas decorations [spinners, giftbags, peg angels, and baubles] It has been lovely to see their work on display


Most of these were relatively simple ideas, but the students have added their own touches to make them special. I shall certainly miss teaching them next term.


The classroom tree is decorated with peg angels, spinners, and card baubles.

I had 100 dolly pegs in the loft [I’d been collecting them over the years for a Holiday Club Craft which never happened]

And the spinners use old CDs [we had around 500 of them – old recordings, freebies, advertising ones] A simple picture, coloured and stuck on the printed side is a quick, easy and effective decoration.

The baubles were made from strips cut from old Christmas cards [2 shoeboxes full]

Everyone else sees this as a Christmas Tree – I regard it as a triumph of decluttering!

If you have some bored children, here is the instruction sheet for making the baubles. Old greetings cards, or coloured card, and a box of paper fasteners are all that you need [and some thread or cord for suspension]


The snowflakes and rocking horses were inexpensive felt shapes [from The Range, and Tiger, respectively] which were easily decorated with beads and sequins.

My own home may be minimally decorated this year, but I suspect that I have left a trail of glitter and sequins across the educational establishments of the county!


  1. Just how a Christmas tree should be decorated! I am sure you will find more children to teach in Dorset and that by next December there will be another tree decorated with their handiwork!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, glitter!!!! One of my main loathings. As is papier mache!
    But bravo on the cool recycling ideas!x

  3. It looks lovely..... just how a tree should look in a school. Jx

  4. Ha Ha! Crafty in more than one way! xx
    I've got some more boxes and bubble wrap and those 'Air bag' type packaging if you still need more packing material?

  5. This globe of yours has now been used at many reflective Advent events across Northern Ireland- we're thinking of writing a resource in the New Year and will be asking you to participate! Instead of your name inside we write prayers for the Advent season. I know women who keep them on their kitchen window sills all year long xx


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