Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Wandering Round The City


After breakfast in bed [we are on holiday, and he did drive a long way yesterday] we still managed to be up early and in Norwich before the car park queues. We did not intend to buy anything in the sales – but I did succumb in Clas Ohlson to these stars. Display models, reduced from £14.99 each, to £1 for two!

P1000463We spent a lot of time just strolling down quiet streets away from the crazy people fighting for “bargains” – including the ancient Elm Hill [sadly no elms anymore, due to Dutch Elm Disease] This is full of beautiful old houses, and lots of history.

Then we had an early lunch in Pandora’s Kitchen.

pandoras logo

This is at the top of London Street – and Bob chose it because it has been recommended by the Fry-Up Inspector. [the FUI is one of his favourite blogs!] We didn’t really want a fry up, so opted for the Roast-In-A-Bun. This was delicious. I expect Bob may blog a review himself soon.


Under the top of the bun, there was a small yorkshire pud, with gravy in the central well, then a generous amount of pulled pork, a slice of tasty stuffing, and a large dollop of good apple sauce [not over-sweet] This was held together with a skewer. The garnish was some lollo rosso drizzled with a flavoursome balsamic vinegar. Quite gorgeous. And a pot of tea that provided us with six cups!


Waitress service was excellent, and the understated shabby chic decoration was pleasant.

The large group of students at the other table, and the guy with the impressive camera all appeared to be enjoying their food too. And they had provided copies of the Times, Guardian and EDP available for customers to read. Definitely *****


  1. Sounds v tasty!! I've mostly avoided sales too except for braving Hexham's mountain shop to buy some walking shoes as mine have completely vanished and we are going for a walk. I also sneaked a turquoise hat in there too!!x

    1. I wore your lovely turquoise angora beret with my Scandi jumper on Christmas Day, and received lots of compliments. Thankyou again!

  2. That bun looks fantastic. Not sure I could be trusted to eat it in public. How did you get it all into your mouth?

    1. I removed the skewer, and cut it into smaller pieces with the knife and fork.
      Bob removed the skewer and ate it in larger pieces!


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