Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Normal For Norfolk

Just up the road from here is a little village called Worthing [not to be confused with the much larger seaside resort in Sussex] Until a few weeks back, it used to have a painted wooden sign …

worthing sign

…currently it is absent [being repainted?] And in its place …

worthing sign 2

Well, we wouldn’t want any of the visitors to this fine county to get lost, would we?


  1. Well they didn't have you for a teacher, did they?

  2. I love this. When we holidayed in Norfolk my OH took a picture of every sign we came across.

  3. Happy New Year in your new ministry, hope all goes well for you

  4. My Norfolkese is limited to "keeps on a trotting".
    I'd need a map.
    Jane x

  5. A couple of years ago, in Kent, I spotted this sign at the end of a lane ' GEARMAN SHEPARD PUPY'S SAIL'
    I particularly liked the apostrophe...


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