Friday, 26 December 2014

Just Jammin’

In the summer, when we were in Norfolk, I picked some sloes. I made some sloe gin, and some sloe gin jam.


I packed up some tiny presents with a humorous label on the top. These have gone to the deacons and to the musicians in the Worship Group. My ‘test’ jar of jam tasted OK – I hope theirs do too.



We have received some lovely home made food gifts. And one of my 5 year olds even gave me a jar of Sainsbury’s pickled beetroot for Christmas. When we had a lesson about healthy foods back in September, it transpired that he and I were the only ones who like beetroot, so it became a standing joke between us. He told his Mum that he wanted to buy me a jar for Christmas as a leaving present. Methinks this child will go far!

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  1. Happy New Year Angela - I tried to make some pistachio fudge to give for Christmas - an unmitigated disaster unfortunately! Better luck next year. cheers from Carole's Chatter


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