Friday, 5 December 2014

It’s All About The Babe, No Tinsel!

I am really simplifying our Christmas Decorations this year. We will be at Cornerstones on Christmas afternoon, and away for a week there with our girls and their blokes. I did not want to bring all the boxes down, smother the place with all my usual decorations, and the heavily laden tree…only to return from Norfolk at the start of January and have to pack all of it away before I could start the Removal Packing. So no big tree, dripping with decorations, no santa hats, no festive china, garlands or lights down the staircase…

Thompsons Newsagents window is decorated just like last year


And in the house, there is very little – on the windowsill, a few ‘trees’ under the hanging stars [one lights up] and my new tiny IKEA lanterns. Tealights and candles will be put on/in the trees later.



Hanging from the mantel is this year’s ‘new’ decoration – the wooden nativity scene which my dear friend Hannah bought me when we were in Salzburg in June.

A treasured souvenir of an amazing week.

I’ve put up stockings and bunting, and got out my Martha Stewart Christmas Handtowels [for the downstairs loo] and a couple of tablecloths. The wreath will be hung on the front door shortly.

And on the mantel shelf, my Willow Tree Nativity


And that’s about it really – and somehow, less is more. And with apologies to Meghan Trainor

It’s all about the Babe, no tinsel!


  1. Yep ! Me too ! The Nativity set is the first thing to come out . Glad you're enjoying Advent too .hugs x

  2. It is indeed - tinsel not obligatory!

  3. Beautiful through its simplicity!!! We have no decorations at present! X

  4. Perfect in its simplicity. Who needs more?


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