Friday, 12 December 2014

Hats Off To Renoir!

Do you know this picture? It is The Luncheon of The Boating Party by Renoir, painted around 1875


My friend Angela, who teaches French, plans to create a sort of ‘tableau vivant’ next term, using this artwork. She asked if I could keep a lookout, in the Grand Moving Declutter – did I have a toy dog, a straw hat, any plastic wine goblets…anything from this picture which I could pass on? Sadly, the two dogs I did have went to the Scout Rummage the other week – but I did manage to unearth this little lot for her…

P1000350Five straw hats, two shawl collars, a floaty scarf, a pair of gloves, a posy of flowers and two wine goblets. One girl’s trash is yet another’s treasure! I hope she sends me a photo next term of the results.

Some young friends of mine are pupils at Loughborough High School, where ten tableaux vivants form an integral part of the Carol Service each year. It’s a great activity, and one which has so many educational plus-points. I’m glad that my decluttering could contribute to A’s plan! [however I confess I did retain my favourite straw hat, and that one will come down to Dorset with me]


  1. Ha, ha, impressive straw hat selection!!

  2. Oh, yes, I know the picture very well, Renoir prints lined the walls of one downstairs wing of my school...the spot outside the headmistress' office had Degas.
    Jane x

  3. This reminds me of the "Living Pictures" show the schools had when I was a little girl in New Mexico. They chose school children to pose recite a short piece about each picture. We all wanted to be in them, and I'm sure my teachers thought I couldn't sit still and be quiet long enough to do one since I never was chosen!

  4. fun idea to re-create famous paintings! Cheers

  5. I am beginning to think that the Grand Declutter should have its own blog chronicle!


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