Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Pennies From Heaven!

menWell…almost. Bob gets a quarterly magazine called Maintenance and Equipment News. According to their website “first published in 1959 to provide Churches …with valuable information on the fabric of buildings. It continues to this day with the same objective of [helping] readers … to keep up to date with… fire and safety regulations, the latest in energy technology and a whole host of other subjects that are critical for churches to be aware of”

MEN has fallen through the Manse letterbox since I could first read. I have never got that thrilled about the Gopak Tables or the dehumidifiers – but the crossword at the back has always been a challenge [I used to struggle through it with my Dad when I was a kid]. It has the most obscure clues, taken usually from the King James Bible, and frequently it says “There were no correct answers received last time, so no prize awarded” But this time round, look …


That is rather useful. Thanks MEN!


My other unexpected blessing this week came on Sunday. I preached for the last time at the Chapel in Desford, and after the service was presented with this rose bush as a leaving present. It is called “Absolutely Fabulous” It promises to have “double primrose/gold blooms, very fragrant, with excellent repeating habit” Thank you, dear friends – I shall miss you all , very much.


  1. My word, you are going through some heart-string pulling times at the moment which was only to be expected I guess. It's lovely and special and sad. Praying for you and Bob. That magazine is brilliant. Wish I had known about it when I was in church admin and was completely usless at all that sort of stuff!

  2. Congratulations! Now I know who to turn to for crossword answers, I love doing them but, I'm not very good at them!
    Love the 'Ab Fab' rose, it will brighten any garden.

  3. And so it begins. You may need to ask for many boxes of tissues for Christmas! You are so loved x

  4. Congratulations on your win! That's quite the achievement.
    Dad was a whizz with cryptic crosswords,the more obscure the answer,the better.I never understood!
    Jane x


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